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Meet Ele & Ele



We were born in the captivating city of Florence and spent our early childhood years together. After losing touch when Elena moved to Canada, we found our way back to one another in our teen years and realised how similar we were and how our values aligned.


Fun fact: we have the same zodiac sign... we're both Sagittarius!

We hope to pursue careers in science while also sharing similar lifestyle interests.

This blog was created to inspire teens to feel both smart and beautiful. With helpful blog posts that include both educational and everyday elegance as our main focus for our posts.

Our blog posts are inspired by our Tuscan roots, that will target: fashion, trends, travel, education, scientific discoveries, and hopefully this blog will help motivate you to succeed.


I have both Italian and Macedonian roots. I was born in Florence, and moved to Canada when I was 5. Elektra and I have a very similar upbringing, and our parents are friends.

I'm very school and work focused and as a grade 12 student in Canada, I have been following a scientific pathway. With sciences both in grades 11 and 12 and a passion for business, I hope to pursue Health or Life Science in University.


After moving to Canada in 2009, I quickly learned how to speak English and start my educational pathway. For students that move and learn new languages and have to quickly match up to a classroom environment, that experience can make them feel self doubt. I continued to push through even after becoming more involved in different courses and extracurriculars that I didn't think I was smart enough to be apart of at first, but I quickly realized that the self doubt I felt is a common feeling among students, especially girls.


What inspired me to create a lifestyle blog about education and elegance, is the sense of direction that I was longing for when things were unclear in my life. I realized two timeless core values that young girls can learn about are both education and elegance. These values are directly connected to self dignity, and when confidence is present in these two areas, other areas in life flourish. When I experienced times of doubt, I retraced my steps to focus on my education, and would then reflect and portray myself with elegance. 


One of the reasons why we get along so well is because we really do have similar family backgrounds, I am Greek and Italian and its what has made me who I am.

As a grade 12 student in Italy, I have been taking a scientific path. As you may or may not know in Italian high schools they have different paths to choose from that have different core studies (e.g. the one I have chosen is dedicated to the three sciences and also studies Latin this course is called Scientifico Tradizionale; there’s one that focuses mainly on humanitarian studies which is called Classico & then there’s another one that mainly studies languages and that’s called Linguistico etc..) by having to choose your core studies right out of eight grade you have to already have some sort of idea of what you want to do after these five years of preparation (yes, you heard me we have k-13th grade!), so I will be graduating high school in 2022, meanwhile Elena will be graduating this year 2021!!!


I am thankful to have learned Italian as my first language thanks to my parents and English as my second language.


As Elena wrote above, with this blog we would like to help teens with some techniques that we were able to use during our struggles; yet another reason as to why I've decided to write this blog is not only to help but to encourage them to work their hardest on achieving their goals, because I believe that teens are often underestimated for their abilities. 

xoxo stay chic,

Elena and Elektra

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